Custom Laser Cut Truss Plates

These custom truss plates were produced through laser cutting for an architectural application. We laser-cut these truss plates from ¼” thick stainless steel material at a tight tolerance of +/- 0.010″. The custom truss plates were painted to offer a high gloss finish. Our corrosion and weather resistant metal truss plates were widely used in the construction of timber-framed structures. We manufactured more than 200 pieces of these parts and delivered them to the customer’s location in Pennsylvania.

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Project Description

Custom Laser Cut Truss Plates for timber framed structure


Stainless Steel

Material Thickness


Tightest Tolerance

+/- .010

Secondary Operations


Product Length

As per architectural drawings

Product Height

As per architectural drawings

Volume Produced

200 pcs +

Delivery Location


Customer focus

Architectural and construction of timber framed structures