About Smucker Laser Cutting and Metal Fabrication

Smucker Laser Cutting and Metal Fabrication originated out of a small sheet metal operation of Sam S. Smucker & Sons Inc. Realizing the opportunity a CO2 laser could provide, we purchased our first machine in the Spring of 2002. Since that time our manufacturing demands have increased from existing and also new clients. A second Trumpf laser was purchased in 2008 to keep up with order demands and to accommodate larger and thicker applications. We now have 3 laser machines and numerous other metal fabrication equipment.

Today, Smucker Laser Cutting and Metal Fabrication provides clients with timely quotes, quick turnaround times, and timely transport of finished products. We have continued to hire dedicated and highly trained fabricators that make up our team.

Since inception in 2002, we have been dedicated to leading our industry in top notch customer service while at the same time offering the highest quality parts.

Services & Capabilities

Smucker Laser Cutting & Metal Fabrication assures the highest quality product by remaining committed to new technologies and by providing excellent customer service. We are dedicated to:

  • Employing experienced talented fabricators.
  • Delivering quick and prompt quotes.
  • Manufacturing quality parts and products.
  • Transporting our product to the customer on time.