Laser Cut Wheel Centers for Industrial Vehicles

We manufactured these wheel centers for an industrial tire supplier with a unique 16-ID and 20-OD bolt hole pattern. Laser-cut and machined to +/- 0.020″ tolerances, these parts were painted before delivery. A quarter or one-inch thick steel plate was used to manufacture these wheel centers. To suit diverse industrial vehicle application, we machined these parts with wheel widths of 7″, 8″, 9″ or 10″. Wheel center weights ranged from 200 lbs to 350 lbs. We produced more than 100 of these wheel centers annually.

T-3521-2 Model (PDF – 9KB)

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Project Description

Laser cut wheel centers for industrial vehicles with an ID 16 bolt hole pattern and an OD 20 bolt hole pattern


Steel Plate

Material Thickness

¾” or 1″ thick plate

Tightest Tolerance

+/- 0.020

Secondary Operations

Machining and Painting

Wheel Center OD


Wheel Center ID


Wheel Center Width

7″, 8″, 9″ or 10″ wheel width

Wheel Center Weight

200 lbs to 350 lbs

Volume Produced

100+ per year

Customer focus

Industrial tire supplier